August 12, 2022

Teaching Day: 8:00-1:45
Office Hours: 7:30-4:00

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Family Resources

Families are an important part of of the educational process.  The links on the left of this page contain information to help you and your child.  On the right is a short form to sign up for our weekly email newsletter.  This is a great way to stay involved with Dothan Brook School and learn what's going on in the school and the community.  

For curriculum information and details about the new elementary report cards, please visit the Hartford School District's family page.

If you have any questions, please call or email the main office. 
Phone: 802.295.8647

Arrival & Dismissal Procedures for 2021/22


  • Students may arrive at school between 7:45 and 8:00. 
  • School starts at 8:00.
  • Students who arrive at the school prior to 7:45 AM are not supervised and must remain outside of the school building.  
  • PLEASE do not send your child to school if they are sick. 
  • Masks must be worn at all times inside the building, during arrival, dismissal and on the bus.  
  • Guardians will drive around the back of the building and remain in cars whenever possible.
  • Drop off students between 7:45 and 8:00.
    • K-2 students will be dropped off at the end of the building by the gym. 
    • 3-5 students will drive behind the school building and be dropped off on the blacktop.  
  • When students arrive they will wash their hands and wait in a designated area with their grade level peers until 7:55.  
    • Students who are dropped off at 7:45 are encouraged to bring a book to read.  
  • At 7:55 students will be released to their classrooms.  
  • Students arriving by bus and after 8:00, will wash hands in the front lobby and proceed to class.
  • Students should be prepared to immediately exit the vehicle-- on the passenger side; backpacks ready, afternoon plans discussed and goodbyes completed prior to stopping the vehicle! 

Pre-K parents will drop-off in front of the pre-K entrance.  

  • If there are buses in front of the building, DO NOT PASS them if their lights are flashing.   

If a student (pre-K to grade 5) arrives late to school, the person who drives them to school must walk the child to the front door, ring the doorbell, and wait with the student until a staff member arrives.  If an adult cannot walk the child to the school, they may call the office and a staff member will meet them in the parking lot. 


A student’s guardian must write a note to the office if the child is to take a different (not routine) way home.  The school will not change a child’s after school transportation plans without prior approval from their guardian.  Approval must be given before 2:00 PM on the day of the change. After that point, do not leave a voicemail stating that there is a change because the school cannot guarantee that it will be received. Also, please call the office with any transportation changes: Do not leave this information on a teacher’s voicemail or email.  E-mail notifications must be sent to prior to 12:00 on the day of the change.  

All students who are not taking a bus or attending an after school program must be picked up at 2:35. Car riders will be brought to their assigned entry and will wait there for their ride until 2:45. At 2:45 any remaining students will be sent to wait in the office.  If a non-guardian is picking-up a child, the school must receive prior approval directly from the guardian.  In addition, all students who are walking home independently must exit through their assigned door.  It is important that the staff member who is facilitating dismissal sees each child before he/she leaves the building.  

Pre-K parents will pick-up in front of the pre-K entrance.  

  • If there are buses in front of the building, DO NOT PASS them if their lights are flashing.  
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