October 18, 2021

Pre-K and Kindergarten Meet and Greet

Happy (soggy) July, everybody!

Yesterday morning was our very first Meet & Greet for incoming Pre-K and Kindergarten students and their families, and it was a roaring success!

Even though the playground was too wet to play on, Mr D opened up the gym and brought out many fun pieces of gym equipment to use. We had bouncy balls, bowling pins, horseshoes, jump ropes, hula hoops, and even pogo sticks! Naturally, all of the children were silent, lethargic, and unmotivated to play ... NOT!

We also had a Dartmouth student join us in the garden, and he showed the children how to plant radish seeds. Perhaps by next month's Meet & Greet, we can harvest some!

We also went to the library, where Mr D read us a book, and the kids were very attentive.

Last but not least, we had a table full of snacks for everyone to enjoy. 

Special thanks go to: Mr D, Nikki Raney, Zeynep Akin, Tessa Johnson, Heidi St Peter, Sara Rice, and Linda Trombley for volunteering either time or snacks.

We will have another Meet & Greet next month, on August 14 at 10 am. We hope to see some of you there!