October 18, 2021

Supplemental Educational Services

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Supplemental Educational Services

Dear Parents:                                                                              

As many of you know, both Dothan Brook and Ottauquechee School’s staff take their jobs seriously when it comes to teaching basic skills to our students. Our schools are making adequate yearly progress for many students according to our state administered tests. However, we are not making enough adequate yearly progress in math as indicated by the 2012 NECAP Tests. Therefore, we are required to send you this notice about Supplemental Educational Services that you can access for your child if you are eligible.

Who is eligible for Supplemental Educational Services? Only children who are eligible for free and reduced-price meals can participate in this program. If you have not previously applied for the free and reduced-price federal meals program, please return the free and reduced-price meals application along with the application for Supplemental Services Application form.

Who are the service providers? The Vermont Department of Education has  an approved list of eligible providers. The list includes providers, the services they offer, and their qualifications. They will offer their services at the addresses listed. You cannot use a provider who is not on the list.  Transportation to the providers’ location of service is your responsibility.

Who pays? Schools are required to pay for Supplemental Educational Services—extra academic assistance/tutoring to improve our child’s academic performance. If you are eligible and if you choose to participate, you’ll be able to select a service provider that best fits your child’s needs.

Who decides? One of the most important features of Supplemental Educational Services is that families are the ones who will make the choices for their children. You can choose among the different types of services, given by different service providers at different locations. Remember, there is no obligation to enroll your child for Supplemental Educational Services.

Is the program limited? Only a limited number of spaces are available. As a result, we may not be able to enroll every child whose parent applies. In compliance with federal law, we will give first priority to the lowest achieving students, as determined by NECAP scores; we will select by lottery in case of equal scores.

What’s the deadline? If you are eligible and if you decide that you want to enroll your student in the Supplemental Services program, you must submit the enclosed application to Dothan Brook School or Ottauquechee School by September 15th. We will let you know by October 1, if we have approved the application to have your child participate in the Supplemental Education Services program.

Who can answer my questions? If you have questions about the Supplemental Educational Services program or would like help in choosing a provider, please contact Rick Dustin-Eichler at Dothan Brook School dustineichlerg@hartfordschools.net or Amos Kornfeld at Ottauquechee School kornfeldm@hartfordschools.net

We plan to continue to work on reading, writing and math needs throughout the year, even if you also elect to access these additional Supplemental Educational Services. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions.

All forms are available on the parent resource section of the website.


Julia Haynes

Assistant Superintendent

Hartford School District