October 18, 2021

School Safety

School Safety

Friday, September 12, 2014

Dear Dothan Brook School Community,

Based on state requirements, we will have our first clear the halls drill in September and hold additional drills every other month throughout the year. During this drill, students will move to a secure spot in the school and wait quietly until the drill has concluded.  The first drill will occur on September 23rd and the remaining drills will be unannounced. Please speak with your children about this drill and contact the school if they feel any anxiety about it.

In the event of an actual emergency, you will receive an Alert Now message with information about the event and, if needed, student pick-up instructions.  We recognize that during such an event, emotions will be running high and that you will want to see your student as soon as possible.  However, to ensure everyone’s safety, the school may not be able to release your child to you right away.  To make the process progress as smoothly as possible it is crucial that you remain patient and follow the directions that are described in the automated message. 

On a related note, to help us keep the school safe on a daily basis, all visitors to the school must sign in in the office.  Please do not travel into the classroom wing, related arts classrooms, playground or cafeteria without visiting the office first.  Finally, if your child’s transportation plans change at the end of the day, the adult must visit the office to check the child out.  Do not go to the classroom or pull them out of the bus line. It is important that the school knows every child’s transportation plans.

Thank you for your help and please feel free to contact your child’s teacher or me with any questions.


Rick Dustin-Eichler