October 18, 2021

Adequate Yearly Progress

Adequate Yearly Progress

In August the Vermont Department of Education notified the school that we have achieved Adequate Yearly Progress (AYP) when the scores of all 3rd though 5th graders are examined as a whole.  This represents an overall improvement in our New England Comprehensive Assessment Program (Vermont’s state-wide assessment tool) scores from the previous year when we did not make AYP in both of these areas.  In fact, the 2011/12 reading and math scores represent the highest marks that the school has received since 2007.  Even with these areas of growth, the school did not make AYP in the area of mathematics for the subset of students that qualify for free and reduced lunch. 

A school makes AYP by meeting targets set by the state as required by federal legislation called No Child Left Behind.  In Vermont, these targets increase every three years with the goal of 100 percent proficiency by ALL students by 2014 regardless of disability, poverty levels or if a child is an English language learner.  A school that does not meet AYP for two consecutive years in the same indicator enters school improvement status, which requires schools to take specific actions designed to improve student achievement in the areas designated in not making AYP.

Because this is the second year that Dothan Brook did not achieve AYP, the school is considered to be in school improvement year 1.  This requires us to develop a school improvement plan to address the mathematic abilities of students that qualify for free/reduced lunch.  I will provide a presentation for the community related to AYP results at our PTO meeting on October 11, 2012.  In addition, at this meeting, the School Improvement Team and I will solicit community input on the action steps that should be considered when the School Improvement Plan is drafted.  If you cannot attend this meeting, please feel free to contact me with your input and/or questions. Additionally, I will present the School Improvement Plan at a PTO meeting once it is developed.

Thank you for your support.


Rick Dustin-Eichler