October 18, 2021

Opening Day

The Dothan Brook School’s staff and students had an action packed opening day.  The students and community were greeted at the front door by Mr. Dustin-Eichler, members of the faculty, and the PTO.  Thank you PTO for the wonderful muffins and coffee that you provided to parents at this opening event.  The students’ day started in their classrooms, then  at 9:30 the school gathered in the gym.  The assembly started with Charlie, Matthew, and Annaleigh from Mr. Burn’s 5th grade class raising the school behavior expectations (Caring, Safe, Responsible) and Mrs. Miller lead the school in the singing of the school song.  Then Mr. Dustin-Eichler read Pout-Pout Fish and the Big Big Dark and the faculty and staff introduced themselves to the students.