October 18, 2021

09/13/12 DBS PTO Meeting Minutes

29 members in attendance with 14 children using child care services.  A majority of parents at the meeting have children in our Kindergarten and we had several parents who this was their first ever PTO meeting!  WELCOME!!!!

Budget report: The budget carry over from ’11-’12 is $4,383.74.  We anticipate income for ‘12-‘13 to be $12,383.74 and expenses to be $9,370.00 leaving a carry-over target of approximately $3000.00 for next year.

Principal’s report: Mr. D reported that the new webpage ( DBSVT.com ) will be up and running within the next month. DBS’ strategic plan has a community engagement action item committing to provide quarterly parent information sessions and we brainstormed potential topic. Here is the list:

Computer safety and internet security
How to support social and emotional health
Summer academic enrichment opportunities
Summer camp opportunities and review
Understanding learning and motivational styles especially in families where there are differences between siblings
Info session on grading and report cards
Parent book club

Thanks to Mrs. Torrey, Mrs. Gilbert and Mr. Burns for the discussion of the new approach to homework in the fourth and fifth grade.  It is not that there is no homework but that it has been reframed with an expectation on extended learning.  For example reading is life and is expected to be done 7 days a week and the same for math facts. Students are also expected to be working on their 100 word list regularly.  Our students are also being encouraged to do more research based work whether at home or school. This has been intentionally plugged into the working day with independent time being scheduled in the classroom at 2:15 each day.

Concerns were brought up by parents were:

How does this impact repetitive learner?

What about the students who literally don’t pursue the option or consider this meaning they are done or off once they get home?

Traditional homework seemed to communicate home what was going on in the classroom and for that individual student, how will that happen now?

How does this prepare them for 6th grade and is the same thing happening at WRS and OQS?

The staff appreciated the feedback from parents and will follow up. The teaching team went on to explain that this process allows students and their families to look at the work from a weekly basis and prioritized time and identify when work will be done in the hope of creating more of a balance for children outside of school.

The approach is new to DBS and a work in progress.  Parents are encouraged to bring their questions and thoughts to both teachers and Mr. D.

For more information here are some resources:

Please watch this 5 minute UTube piece on health homework guidelines: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZONH4B-qCAs

Here are two book recommendations:

“Rethinking Homework: Best Practices That Support Diverse Needs” By Cathy Vatterott

“Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Defecate Disorder” By Richard Louv

New Business

Volunteer Incentive Program (VIP) to be part of VIP all you need to do is volunteer at DBS this year.  You can do Walk & Ride, come to a PTO meeting, be a chaperone, help in the classroom or library, bake cookies or snacks, help with staff appreciation events, serve popcorn at movie nights…there are many ways to volunteer!  Each time you do your name will go into a raffle we will do at the ice cream social the last week of school.  YOU COULD WIN AN IPAD!!!!  Please email the Dothan Brook PTO (dbspto@gmail.com) subject line VIP when you volunteer so we can keep track.  We will also have a VIP binder on hand at events. We will also be sure to get the Walk and Ride volunteer list from Jill!

The proposal was made and approved that Mr. D shop for a new portable promotional sign to be used to advertise events for out front of the building, the cost from the PTO should not exceed $250.

We need a Campbell soup label coordinator to organize the collection of label and to work with Mr. D to make appropriate purchases redeeming our labels.  Please let us know if you are interested in taking that task on.


We still need “Walk & Ride” volunteers Thursday mornings from 7:20 to 8:15.  If interested please contact the office or Jill Vanderpot  ( jgumkow@aol.com )

Operation Warm & Cozy is the PTO annual winter coat, hat mitten, snow pants exchange for families in Hartford.  We will be collecting donation in early October for this year. We ask that all donations be clean and useable. So start cleaning out those closets! Think about what your family needs! More details to come about both collection and winter apparel pick up day at DBS.

The town is working on the Christian St. bike path project and will be holding more public sessions.

PICTURE DAY Thursday Sept 27.  Thank you to all the parents who have volunteered to cover the playground during the staff photo. Please meet in the lobby at 7:35am for instructions.  Please plan on being at helping school for about 30 minutes.

Next meeting Thursday, Oct.11, 6-7pm in the library with a presentation by Mr. D on DBS’ AYP (Adequate Yearly Progress)

Please note that PTO officers serve a two year term and all four of this year’s officers wrap up in June.  Please get involved this year and consider taking a formal leadership role to support our school and community next year.


Submitted by G. Lucke