October 18, 2021

Morning Drop-Off

Starting Monday, October 22nd the Dothan Brook School is going to pilot a new morning supervision model. Students that arrive at school between 7:30 and 7:55 will meet Mrs. Bazarian and another teacher in the cafeteria for some quiet structured activities. During this time students may choose to read, color, draw or play a card or board game. Breakfast starts at 7:45, and because they are already in the cafeteria, students will not have to choose between eating breakfast and playing outside.

After a lot of discussion, the school has decided to make this change for two reasons. First, as cold weather approaches many students prefer to stay inside instead of braving the cold. This sets up a difficult supervision problem because we do not have enough staff to cover an indoor and outdoor space before school starts. Second, the combination of competitive play and the wide range of ages and abilities on the morning playground has worked to amp a number of students up before they start their day. It is our hope that this change will help to start everyone's day on a more positive note.

Lastly, if you have any complete decks of cards, checker or chess sets, or coloring books and are willing to donate them, we would greatly appreciate your generosity.