October 18, 2021

Biography Fair

Hello.  I just want to encourage parents and families to take a moment tonight to talk to your child/children about today’s Biography Fair put on by our 5th grade class at DBS. The energy and effort put into the Biography Fair by students, faculty and families is inspiring.  Today our 5th graders at DBS got to be educators about civil rights, American history, exploration, technology, science and sport to all students at DBS as well as all of the adults who had an opportunity to visit.

As all the other grades (K-4) visited the Fair today students asked great questions, took lots of notes and collected autographs! I saw young friends transformed this morning in terms of focus, pride, engagement, artistic and verbal expression.  This is sure to become a tradition at our school!

Congratulations to DBS’ Class of 2013 and our 5th grade faculty and staff members that support and inspire them.

Gabrielle Lucke

PTO President