October 18, 2021

Pre-K Registration

To Future Pre-Kindergarten Parents, 

Thank you for your interest in Hartford School District’s Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) Program. Our Pre-K classes will be sited at the White River, Ottauquechee and Dothan Brook schools. We offer morning or afternoon sessions that run for 3 hours each day Monday through Friday. We are pleased to offer pre-school programming at the Dothan Brook School next year. Our goal is to place students in their catchment area which will ultimately become his or her home school. The sessions will run from: 

• Ottauquechee School - 8AM – 11AM in the morning and 12 Noon to 3PM in the afternoon; 

• Dothan Brook School – 8:15AM – 11:15AM in the morning and 12 Noon to 3PM in the afternoon; 

• White River School - 8:15AM – 11:15AM in the morning and 12 Noon to 3PM in the afternoon. 

Children must be four years old before September 1, 2013 to enroll. Parents should complete and return the attached enrollment form by May 3, 2013 to Ottauquechee School, White River School or Dothan Brook School. 

Fifty percent of all Hartford School’s Pre-K spaces are reserved for children with a “special” need. This term is defined more broadly than special-education eligibility. A request for enrollment based on a special need will be considered following a referral from Hartford School District’s Essential Early Education (EEE) Program, a pediatrician, a child-care provider, or other community agency. 

Over-enrollments and “out of catchment” requests will be decided by “lottery”. Families who do not receive their first choice will be considered for enrollment in their second or third choice. After May 10, 2013 remaining places in each program will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis, provided there is room. Families will be notified of their placement by letter by May 20th and will receive registration material at that time. Please complete the registration packet and return it by July 1, 2013. 

First time parents are encouraged to visit either pre-k program. To set up a visit please call the White River School (295-8650) or Ottauquechee School (295-8654). 


Elizabeth Barker, Pre-K Coordinator 

Amos Kornfeld, Ottauquechee School 

Sheila Powers, White River School 

Rick Dustin-Eichler, Dothan Brook School