October 18, 2021

Walk and Ride

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Walk and Ride

Good Morning-

The following is a request put together by Brigid Lynch. She is the coordinator for Walk and Ride at DBS. She needs just 3 more volunteers to secure the route to school. Please Read on: Thank you!

Walk and Ride to School will take place on Thursday mornings from May 2 until June 6. The path starts at Dataman on Route 5, crosses Colonial Street and then runs along the bike path to DBS. All students are welcome to attend. They can walk or ride (bikes/roller blades). Buses will drop children off a designated spots along the path if children on the bus wish to walk to school. A flyer will be sent home with the students next week.

We need three more volunteers to be assigned a position along the route. They need to be in position by 7:25 a.m. and will be relieved from their position between 8:05 and 8:15 a.m. Their job is the monitor the commute to school, make sure kids are safe and having fun. In brief, this includes: making sure kids are moving along the bike path towards school; responding to accidents; acting as a crossing guard in certain positions; and keeping an eye out for any unsafe activity or obstacles along the path.

If a volunteer has a friend that would like to share a position and trade off days, that would be helpful as well. Please let us know if you are interested in sharing a spot.

We could also use volunteers (1-3) to monitor the path by walking or riding the path with the children. It would be nice if they could register with the program as well so that we know they are taking on this role.

You can reach Brigid at upinvt@gmail.com. You can reach Mr. Dustin-Eichler at 295-8647.

Thank you!
Candice DeFelice, Secretary
Dothan Brook School PTO