October 18, 2021

Book Swap

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Book Swap

Dear Dothan Brook Community,

It is time once again to begin cleaning out your bookshelves to find the perfect book(s) to swap with other children at the Dothan Brook School.  Beginning April 22nd we will be accepting books for a book exchange on April 30th and May 1st .

Please help your child find a book that is in good condition, one s/he is willing to part with and one that would be of interest to others their age.  They must have your written permission to bring in each book (in order to prevent them from bringing in something you may want to keep).  Please use the permission slips on the bottom of this letter or feel free to make your own.

We will give your child a “Book Buck” for each book brought in.  They can use this “buck” to buy a book during the book exchange.  Due to sheer numbers we will limit the number of Book Bucks to two per child.   However, if you have more than two books you are willing to part with, we will be happy to accept them.

If you are interested in helping with the Book Swap please contact  Candice Defelice at dbspto@gmail.com or 295 – 8647.

Thank you for your help with this project!  Remember, a book unread is but a pound of paper.

Yours in reading and  recycling,

 Tricia Pfeiffer and Pat Cook